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There are many items on the market to help you with workout recovery. Some work and some I think are pretty questionable. For the most part, I stick with protein, stretching and foam rolling to help with recovery…but once in a while I try a “recovery” product that really does help more than I think it will!

When I first started training for my first marathon, I heard murmurings about compression socks and compression sleeves. A friend of mine stated that her husband wore a pair of men’s compression socks for work and she had a pair that helped her recover after her workouts. But at that point in my life, an item like that wasn’t even on my radar- I was new to the world of running accessories and all of the options were overwhelming, so I just stuck with the necessities. I also was hesitant to believe the hype of something that was just a sock- seemed like a great way for a company to make a sock, claim it helps you recover and then charge a crazy amount for… a pair of tight tube socks. Total skeptic right here!
But eventually I couldn’t ignore the praises I heard from running friends who swear by compression sleeves, especially post long run or hard workout. They would use the calf sleeves or socks after a long run and swore that the socks helped their sore muscles feel better sooner. I found myself eyeing these compression socks and sleeves every time I went to my local fav sporting stores…but I still didn’t bite.


Then one day while I was replacing my running shoes, I went for it and asked to try on a pair of compression sleeves. I was experiencing some calf tightness that just wouldn’t budge…so I figured it was time to give the fancy-schmancy compression gear a try. I went with calf sleeves instead of full socks because I have a lot of socks that are already my favs, and I prefer the idea of being able to put on the sleeves without having to commit to whole sock attached to it. Also, if you go for a full sock, you’ll need to wash them in between uses…but you can get away with washing a calf sleeve fewer times between uses…. SO less laundry! Yay!

They feel nice and snug, but not as “tight” as I imagined they would be. Its sort of like a hug for your lower legs….and hugs feel nice, just like these do. I bought them, wore them out of the store and under my jeans/leggings for a few days. I noticed that I had better blood flow to my calves and slow but surely, the soreness eased up. The sleeves minot cure anything at is going on, but they will help by improving circulation and adding a little more support to the area. So if you are a runner, or training for a rahen thnes could be a great recovery tool for youI have also worn them while working out and I really like how they feel during and post workouI have had them for months now and I’m very happy I made the decision to give them a try! They also come in cute vibrant colors, so at is a plus too!

The sleeves I have are the CEP Allsport Sleeves

Here are the same ones in sock version

There are also options for arms too, but I have yet to give those a try!

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  • Pete
    April 18, 2016

    There’s a lot of research on compression gear and strength/recovery and there’s no clear consensus. Some say it works, others not so much. Tough to figure out what to believe.

    I tried the calf sleeves and I think a lot of it is psychosomatic. I think a good stretching, nutrition, and a good massage or leg drains help more than any piece of clothing.

    • fitkatadmin
      April 20, 2016

      I agree- I don’t think it is a cure all or an immediate fix…but some people love them and swear by them! I think it’s trial and error with products like this from person to person. Now we just need a pair of socks that will massage our legs for us! ha!

  • Ruthann Mikolajczyk
    July 21, 2016

    It’s onerous to find knowledgeable folks on this topic, however you sound like you realize what you’re speaking about! Thanks

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