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buy azithromycin 500mg online I love indoor cycling.  I have been taking cycling classes
for many years- it is definitely one of my favorite forms of cardio, and I love the “pack” mentality in these group classes.  I have tried countless spin studios over the years, some I have liked more than others, but the one I keep coming back to year after year is Flywheel.

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lopinavir nursing interventions Flywheel was the first innovative studio to take a traditional indoor cycling class and amplify it by adding technology to the traditional bike.  They created a bike that has what they call a “tech pack” attached near the front wheel that allows you to actually SEE how hard you are working.  It holds you accountable for the work you are putting in…and that is something every fitness fiend can appreciate! This tech pack displays your torque number (how heavy the wheel is), your RPM (how fast you are pedaling), your current number (how well you are pushing based on your torque to RPM) and your total power number- this total power number is magical…it’s how Flywheel has added friendly competition to indoor cycling!  Your power number is your “score” so to speak, and each Flywheel studio has a large torque board displayed in class where you can see your bike number, user name, and power number in relation to the rest of the class- basically it lets you see how well you are doing compared to everyone else!!

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kaletra online store This leader board technology REALLY amps up the class, especially if you are someone who values a little healthy competition to push yourself a little harder.  Being up on the board is optional though- so if you’d rather track your progress on your own and not be displayed for the class to see, no worries!  Although I do suggest you try it a few times- it really may surprise you how much that tiny bit of competition will push you beyond what you think you are capable of!

kaletra online store AND!! Flywheel has an amazing iPhone app that lets you signup for classes, track your progress in your classes see how your numbers rank in your specific class or within your city!  It also estimates calories burned and miles riden, which is SO cool.  The app is sort of group fitness game changer!

here NEW YORK - JULY 16: FLYWHEEL SPORTS INTERIORS on JULY 16, 2012 in New York City. (Matthew Peyton)

The studio is set up stadium style, so everyone has a great view of the leader board and the instructor- so no worries about being stuck in that weird back corner bike at Flywheel!  They also let you use shoes for class for free, offer free water and have SUCH cute “fly gear” that they sell in the studios!




Two of the most important aspects of a good cycling class are motivating, energetic instructors and the music.  The instructors at Flywheel are top notch- personable, energetic and motivating.  And, while everyones music taste is different, you are sure to find instructors who play what you love.


I sat down with one of my favorite Flywheel instructors, Holly Rilinger, recently to get her scoop on flywheel.  Holly is a “master instructor” at Flywheel- she joined the Flywheel family when it first opened.  “I’ve always loved a little healthy competition and I thought what Fly was doing was really innovative and I wanted to be a part of that.”  Before settling in NYC, Holly played professional basketball, so she certainly knows a lot about training and physical competition!  She is also a highly sought after personal trainer, she works with Nike Training Club, and is a cast member of Bravo’s recent reality show “Workout New York”.  Also- girl has got ABSSSSSS!! She is in such good shape its inspiring!!


Holly has endless energy and really pays attention to each rider in her class “I love the group mentality, the ‘we are in this together’ feeling you get in a Flywheel class- its unlike anything else.”  She told me that her favorite part of class is the energy that she gets from her riders- and I have to say, my favorite part is the energy she and the other instructors give us!  There have been MANY times I have come to Holly’s class feeling less than amped to get my workout in…but her energy, her music and her general feel-good vibes made me push harder and by the end of class I felt like a new woman ready to take on my day!  Getting those types of feels from a class is truly amazing!


Flywheel also feels like a family- it’s a very welcoming, inclusive environment.  They embrace first timers with open (sweaty) arms and make sure that everyone feels welcome and ready for an amazing workout- NONE of that snotty group cycling attitude found here EVER!!  And I love that!  Group fitness should should be fun and social…it should never feel exclusive, and I think that Flywheel really embraces a fun group fitness vibe perfectly.

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Flywheel has locations all across the country and they continue to grow.  Find a location near you here.  AND if you can, check out Holly’s class- she teaches in NYC, but does often travel to teach…see what she is up to here.

Flywheel’s motto is “Never Coast”  and with their high-tech bikes and motivating environment, you never will.

Get sweaty!

XO Katrina


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