Deadlift For Abs and Ass


My favorite body parts to work are: my abs and my ass.  I have a funny feeling a lot of you may feel the same way!

Who doesn’t want killer abs and a tight lifted booty??  There are endless exercises you can do for your core and bum, but I am a huge fan of movements that hit multiple muscle groups in one go.  It’s efficient and will get you the results you want in a shorter amount of time.


Deadlifts are one of my favorite exercises for firming up the backs of my legs, my butt, that tricky little spot where my ass and thigh meet (ladies, you know what I am talking about!)…and my core.  They are simple in theory, but it really all comes down to form.  If your form sucks with deadlifts, you risk not reaping the benefits AND hurting your back in the process!

You can use pretty much any type of weight for these.  Personally, I like to use a barbell if it’s available…and if its not, I’ll use free weights.  You can also use a body bar, a kettlebell, a weight plate…basically anything you see at the gym that is heavy that you can hold on to with both hands!  Choose a challenging weight..I typically go with 40-60 lbs (about half my body weight   [[or a little less, actually]]   but everyone is different..and you can always add more weight for your second set if the first one felt too easy.




Stand with feet hip width apart, weights in hand in front of your body, abs engaged and body straight.  It’s important to keep your abs very well engaged throughout this whole movement…keeping your abs engaged will also keep your back stable and safe.  Shift your shoulders down and back, they SHOULD NOT feel like they are being pulled from their sockets when you start the motion.  Keep your chest open, abs engaged- this it super important!

[[ By the way- how cute are these peekaboo pants?  Loving this style! ]]




Next, while keeping your back straight (NO ARCHING!) and keeping your weight in your heels, lean forward and stick your butt out.  It should look like you’re trying to touch the wall behind you with your ass, not like you are tipping or bending forward.  Stop when you are parallel to the floor and then, while squeezing your butt, lift back upright.  Thats one rep.  Keep your ass and abs engaged throughout and do 3 sets of 20 reps.

I often don’t feel the burn while I am doing these, but OH BOY, do I feel it the next day!!

Always make sure to stretch your legs out well after..and foam roll if you can, to make sure you’re muscles don’t tighten up or get too sore.

The shoes I wear for lifting weights like this are a gym training show with a flatter sole- this helps me stay more stable because the shoe has less gushy smushy-ness to it.  The ones I am wearing are Nike, and they don’t make this print anymore sadly, but you can shop a similar style below!

Now you’re on your way to a tighter ass!

XO Katrina

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