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by After living in New York City for 9 years I am making the move across the country to where the sun always shines: Los Angeles, California. Ben, Puffin and I are seasoned New Yorkers- we know and have loved the ins and outs of the hustle and bustle of daily life in NYC…but 9 years is a long time and we decided it was time for a change… and maybe a little nicer weather will do us some good!

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kaletra covid 19 New York has been SO great to me- it brought me amazing opportunities, it is where I started my career, it’s where I got married to the man of my dreams and where I met so many amazing friends. I moved to NYC from New Jersey when I was 17 to start working on 30 Rock (which lasted 7 seasons) and soon after that show ended, I started working on Public Morals in NYC, so I had work keeping me in the city for a while, which made me so happy. NYC felt like home…and I lived all over the great city! I lived in 4 different apartments over 9 years- I was always a downtown girl- and I know the subway lines by heart. New York City has EVERYTHING to offer- the best of the best…restaurants, shopping, nightlife…the amount there is to do and see is endless.

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kaletra ndc But 9 years in a city like New York is sort of wearing, if I am being honest. It’s a tough city, its a grind: there’s not much accounting for personal space and you learn to live your life within a very small space and just accept it. At this point in life I am ready to spread out, take up space for myself and decide WHO is inside my personal bubble. Sounds like a simple concept right? I also sort of despise winter…so I am happy to pack away my Canada Goose and Sorels until whenever it is I have to travel East for the winter or go on a ski trip.

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I have never lived in LA. People are usually surprised by that, being that I am an actor and that I am blonde- people assume I must be from California or have lived here at some point! I have spent a lot of time in LA for work reasons…and I have always liked it…but in the past few years I have grown to love it. Once I got past the whole driving everywhere thing, I realized that this type of lifestyle is WAY more my vibe. The weather is always great, the people are happy and the health consious-ness of this town is incredible!! Literally every place that sells coffee has almond milk- NYC take note!!

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I’m also a total beach girl- being so close to such amazing beaches is HUGE for me! Ben and I love to hike (Puffin, not so much, but we are trying to get him more into it!) and the hills of LA offer tons of hiking trails, which we will continue to explore. I can’t wait to take advantage of everything this sunny town has to offer and share my experiences with you!



One last thing- moving across the country is no easy task. It has actually been one of the most annoying things we have ever dealt with. Its takes a lot of careful planning to make sure it all goes smoothly. While it’s not over until all our stuff shows up at our house, I think we pretty much nailed this cross-country moving process. I’ll be sure to give you all my moving tips and provide the companies I used for this whole long process! This has been and will continue to be an adventure!


So long NYC- I will miss you!

XO Katrina

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