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Ok so, now you know how to start running, or maybe you’re an experienced runner with a race or a dozen races under your belt…ONE thing we all have in common at this point is we need to get the right running shoes.  Those same old trainers you’ve been wearing for the last 5 years aren’t going to cut it…it’s time to invest in a pair that work for you, not against you!

kaletra cost runningshoesfitkat When you are looking for a good pair of running shoes, it’s important to know what type of foot strike you have..and the best way to know that is by visiting a specialty running store like Paragon, Jack Rabbit or Runner’s World to name a few.  At these stores that do a little run analysis- the pop you on a treadmill and record you running for a minute or two…just your feet, no need to come camera ready!  Then they will tell you if you need a neutral shoe or specialty shoe for stability purposes.  Super easy and super worth it..and it doesn’t cost a thing!  These stores also have an arsenal of well trained employees who are ready and willing to answer and question you have…and they are up to date, full of knowledge about the newest shoes and why they are the best etc etc etc…

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lopinavir ritonavir tablets A little thing to keep in mind before we dive in here- a lot of the best running shoes are not very cute.  SOME are, but you can’t really base you’re running shoe purchase on if they will clash with your favorite workout gear or not.  It’s the sad truth. I once had a pair that were teal and neon orange- they were pretty ugly and clashed with, um… EVERYTHING, but they were good shoes and they felt great so I got over it…and, you my loves, will too.


BUT in case you cant look past the color and outside appeal of your fresh pair of kicks, I’ve rounded up my favorite shoes, from brands I trust and most of which I have worn and raced in- that come in pretty cute, neutral, non-offensive colors and designs.

ritonavir coronavirus buy fitkat-run

A proper pair of running shoes will totally change your running game.  I promise.

Happy Running!

XO Katrina

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