Say NO To “Seasonal Fitness”


click here You know that “holy shit summer is right around the corner, I better start getting my bod back to bikini ready” thought that may pop into your mind somewhere between April and May?  And then the fitness/healthy eating panic and craziness that ensues? I don’t like that.  NOT AT ALL.  For one, it’s super stressful…and on top of that it’s way more difficult to get the body you want when you’re rushing yourself to do it.  And I admit, I have been there many a times…until I made the choice to adopt a year-round “bikini ready” mentality.  This doesn’t mean I spend the whole year freaking out about looking my best in case a bikini opportunity arises (mid winter vaca anyone?).  What it means is that I treat my body well by eating right and maintaining an active lifestyle and fitness regimen ALL year long because I know its good for me and it keeps me balanced.  The “bikini ready” part of it is just a little cherry on top! fitkat1

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lopinavir/ritonavir 200/50 It’s winter now- the time when many people fall off the healthy bandwagon.  Has your active lifestyle taken a more couch potato turn because it’s just harder to get yourself out and up?  You’re not alone.. and I know how that feels, having spent my whole life living on the east coast.  Now, I can’t make you put down the mac ‘n cheese and get up and out, but what I can do is tell you that being active and engaging in an activity that gets your heart rate up will release endorphins and make you feel a little happier instantly.  I recently saw an Instagram post that sums up what I’m saying perfectly:

lopinavir coronavirus pills “Wow, I really regret that workout” -No one ever

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kaletra covid 19 buy uk Health eating and an active fitness regimen isn’t something you should only strive for during the warm summer months- it should be a lifestyle choice that you make with yourself to be a better YOU.  Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it.

kaletra mechanism of action fitkat6 Just a little reminder- we all need that sometimes!

XO Katrina

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