Planks and Pilates

by We all know that planks are the bomb.  They are challenging, there are so many variations and, best of all, they work!  They work your core on a very deep level and will help you get that tight, toned stomach that you desire.  You can do them anywhere and no matter how many times I do them, they still make me sore the next day!   lopinavir coronavirus I seriously love them.

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enter site I’ve been in Los Angeles the last few weeks for work and have been trying out as many pilates studios as possible- more on my favorites so far to come in a later post!

kaletra buy uk So many of the pilates classes I have been taking, take the original Joseph Pilates Method and flips that on its head and makes it something even more challenging and difficult.  Like seriously hardcore pilates- sweat will drip and your muscles shake head to toe.  AND I LOVE IT!

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ritonavir pills I have taken so many pilates classes over the years…and to be honest, most of them have been a little bit lack luster.  I hate leaving a class feeling like it was a waste of an hour and the money that went with it!  SO I am thrilled that so many amazing, challenging pilates studios are popping up- its an incredible workout and my abs and ass are thanking me.  I’ve noticed my body getting a little tighter looking…who doesn’t love that?! fitkatplank5

kaletra 400 mg Many of the classes include some really great plank variations that get me all jazzed up..and leave me sore the next day- like ummm…. bending over and coughing hurt type of sore!  I am taking note of all my favorite plank moves and have an exciting post coming up showing you how you can do these at home, sans reformer!  Pilates moves are adaptable, and can be scaled to any skill level, which makes it a great workout for everyone.

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kaletra hiv Look out for my plank series, coming soon, but in the meantime, drop and give be a minute side plank hold on each side, just for fun! 🙂

kaletra how to buy XO Katrina



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  • Catherine
    March 5, 2016

    Love your site! While you’re in Los Angeles, you should try Wundabar! It’s like pilates with a twist. I always end up with sore abs the next day 🙂

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