Marble Obsessed


Confession:  I have an obsession with marble, especially Carrera Marble..or anything that looks like it.  My phone case is a marble design, I’ve been pinning marble kitchens and bathrooms like CRAY-ZY,  I take flat-lay photos non stop on my marble pastry board, and I’m like one second away from buying this Marble Macbook Cover.  So I felt the need to share this love…and share some of my favorite marble pastry and cutting boards with you!


I LOVE to cook, so I have a lot of kitchen gadgets (that’s a whole other obsession for another post).  I bought my marble pastry board mainly to use for food and product photos because it makes everything look that much more clean, glam and decadent…but I have discovered its actually great for a lot of things OTHER than taking photos with! Imagine that!


For one, these are usually used for kneeding and rolling pastry dough.  The marble board can be placed in the fridge and it will keep a pastry dough cold when preparing, so if you’re fancy and into that- there you go

In a more every day sense, Its amazing for entertaining- I’ve used it as a cheese and charcuterie plate, and it looks perfectly presentable with minimal effort- and who doesn’t love that?? I’ll put it under a hot food dish during a dinner party, which just makes the table look well decorated with, again, minimal effort.

marble cheese board

So if you, too, are feeling the marble love, here are my favorite marble boards- sure to brighten up you’re pastry adventures, cheese platters, dinner parties and if nothing else…your Instagram food photos!

XO Katrina

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