kaletra generic name Hello readers!

http://fitkatbykatrinabowden.com/?ka=kaletra-sale My name is Katrina Bowden- welcome to FitKat!  FitKat is a Lifestyle Blog with a focus on health and fitness.

Some of you may know me from my work as an actor… some of you may not know me at all.  And both are OK! I’m very excited to go on this journey with all of you and share my thoughts, views, opinions and a lot more- things are going to get REAL between us. 

So here is a little bit about me…

I’m from New Jersey (please don’t let that sway you from reading on!) and I’m an actress living in New York City. I’ve lived in NYC for nine years, so I’m pretty much a seasoned New Yorker now.

is kaletra available in south africa As an actor, I’m most known for my work portraying “Cerie” on 30 Rock and recently “Fortune” on Steven Spielberg’s Public Morals, as well as handfuls of movies you may have seen.  I LOVE what I do – I love traveling for work and taking on challenging roles. There are always so many ups and downs in my industry but I find the unknown exciting.  

Fit Kat by Katrina Bowden

kaletra covid 19 coronavirus I live a very normal life with a sprinkle of exciting, out of the ordinary experiences and adventures.  I call Greenwich Village home with my husband, Ben, and our adorable Pomeranian Puffin (who will both make the occasional appearance in the FitKat world.)  New York is a city unlike any other- the best of the fashion, beauty, food, fitness and artistic worlds all collide into this one energetic, fast paced city- and I love it!  Its an overwhelming place at times, but theres so much inspiration all around me whether its the latest trends in fashion/beauty or the latest hotspot healthy eatery.  I take advantage of that and can’t wait to share all of it with you.

kaletra lannett Fit Kat by Katrina Bowden

Oh, and I have a very MAJOR passion for fitness, health and wellness…if I wasn’t an actor, I would most likely be working in the fitness/health industry!  Im a fitness class junkie who has an obsession with finding new ways to challenge myself physically and mentally.  I approach fitness and health in a pragmatic way- I want to know why something works and how foods/workouts/supplements will affect my body.  Im certainly not one to buy into “fads” or “trends” without knowing some science based backing or giving them a solid testing I can personally vouch for.  I’m also a health nut who loves to cook!  I’ll post recipes for my favorite meals, smoothies and more.

Fit Kat by Katrina Bowden

I love running- yes I am one of those people- and have completed over 10 races in NYC after running my first race last year… the NYC Marathon! I decided to run start running marathons because I thought it would be an amazing feat and a huge physical  challenge…which it is!   More to come on my personal running journey soon.

Fit Kat by Katrina Bowden

There are a few things that I am not: I am not in any way a trained, registered, licensed, certified health, fitness or wellnes “expert”.  I’m just an educated, well informed girl with a curious mind and a passion for health and fitness. Like I previously said, I like to know the “why” and the “how”- I embrace a pragmatic, realistic approach to fitness and health so if something doesn’t make sense to me, I investigate until I have a full understanding; and only then will I find a way to incorporate it into my daily grind.  

With so much wishy-washy information about fitness and health out there, I want to be your source for realistic, tried and true lifestyle choices to help you live a more healthy, strong and balanced life….and help you have fun with it along the way!

Fitness should be fun and taking care of yourself should be fulfilling mentally, physically and emotionally.  

Cheers to living your happiest life!


XO Katrina

4 Responses
  • Clay Brice
    January 12, 2016

    Katrina, congratulations on your new blog. I’m looking forward to following your journey. You’re one of the most talented, beautiful, gorgeous actresses ever.

  • Denise
    January 13, 2016

    I love this ! It’s upbeat and encouraging especially after the holiday feasting. ! Great timing Katrina ! I need to read this and act on it ! Thank you !

  • Doug
    January 13, 2016

    I’m looking forward to more of your posts and inspiration. I hope your foot is healing well!

  • Irvin Terherst
    July 21, 2016

    It’s really a great and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this useful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

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