Kick Your Sugar Habit. NOW!

by Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Sugar.  Sugar is the fakest friend you’ll ever have. She is a basic bitch. She will talk shit about you behind your back and probably make out with your boyfriend…all while somehow making you fat in the process. She needs to go!
Today, humans consume so much sugar, and the truth is we really don’t NEED it at all. We like it, we want it, but its only stirring up problems. In my opinion, the best way to clean up your diet is to ditch the sugar.

Who doesn’t love something sweet?  Most treats that people usually crave are loaded with sugar…many people claim to have a sugar “addiction”..and there is actually a lot of scientific truth behind this “addiction” that I will explain in a second.


First of all, sugar does two things inside your body:

  1. Is used for energy, to burn off immediately (like right before a workout, or during an endurance run)
  2. Is converted into fat and stored in your body, your fat cells and around your organs (YUCKKKK!)

Some people are blessed with a faster metabolism and burn off sugar a little easier, while others tend to store it as fat more often…and to be honest, more people store it as fat than metabolize it right away.  I know that I fall into the latter category, and when I cut out sugar, my body functions better, my skin is clearer and it’s easier for me to keep my weight in check.

When you consume sugar, your body senses the sugar rush and starts producing insulin to deal with the sugar.  The trouble is, when we eat TOO much sugar at one time, or constantly throughout the day, our body produces too much insulin, which will then cause your blood sugar to drop below normal levels.  This is what people call a sugar crash- like when you’re all hyped up from that ice cream cone, and then an hour later you feel weird, tired and sometimes shaky.  And what do people typically do when they feel this “crash”??  They consume more food to bring themselves back up…and usually its in the form of.. you guessed it: more sugar.


So in short, you’re blood sugar levels are spiking up and down, your body is pumping out too much insulin and the sugar you are eating will end up being stored as fat.  This is how the “addiction” happens.

Here is a video I love that explains the process in very simple terms: think 8th grade science class video.  It’s short, watch it!!!

Sugar also causes inflammation- so if you suffer from skin troubles, cutting out sugar may really clear up your issues.

So, we know that processed white sugar is a no no…but if I am being honest, too much fructose (sugar from fruit) and “healthy” sugars like agave, honey, raw sugar all end up doing the EXACT same thing to your body that white sugar does in the long run.  Having a sugary treat made of raw sugar is less processed, but it will still spike your blood sugar and can be stored as fat.

In the same way, those big-as-your-head smoothies filled with mango, pineapple and banana are also sugar bombs.  It’s too much fructose for one sitting, and just because its fruit, it doesn’t change the fact that it can carry insane amounts of sugar…and will  most likely be stored in your body as fat.


If you want to take a leap toward better health, try cutting back on ALL sugar.  Try it for a week.  Then decide to make it a lifestyle choice.  Choose whole fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy grains like oats and sweet potato, or a protein shake instead of a fruit smoothie.  It may be hard for the first few days, as with any change, but I think you’ll enjoy the immediate health benefits!

XO Katrina

*No sugar was eaten in the making of this post 🙂

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